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  • One Year Since Taking Office, the Biden-Harris Administration Continues to Take Bold Action to Protect Georgians Against COVID-19 January 19, 2022
    With tomorrow marking one year since President Biden and Vice President Harris were inaugurated, the Biden-Harris administration is continuing to take bold measures to protect Georgians against COVID-19. This week, the White House launched a program to distribute one billion free, at-home rapid COVID-19 tests to any American household that requests one and that the […]
  • One Year Since President Biden Took Office, Georgia’s Economy is Booming January 18, 2022
    As this week marks one year since President Biden and Vice President Harris were inaugurated, Georgia’s economy is flourishing thanks to the American Rescue Plan and the Biden-Harris administration’s economic leadership. Despite unanimous opposition from Brian Kemp and Georgia’s GOP congressional delegation, President Biden and Democrats’ American Rescue Plan has gotten hundreds of thousands of […]

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RCDC Authority and Duties

Promote development of Party organization and activities;

Seek and encourage qualified candidates for public office;

Support Democratic nominees unless there is a contested Democratic primary;

Perform such primary and election functions as required by law;

Maintain appropriate records;

Promote and add logistical support to the State Affirmative Action Program.

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